Isla de Lobos


Our views towards this small islet belonging to Fuerteventura, neighbouring Canary Island separated by the Strait of Bocaina, (about 20 mins by boat), are unbeatable.


Given our strategic location we can affirm that we are a destination between 2 magic islands: Lanzarote (nature, art and culture (the different island) and Fuerteventura (the Beach of the Canary Islands).

Our trips to this small islet are magnificent especially on clear days.  Isla de Lobos is part of Fuerteventura, the neighbouring island, from which we are separated by the Strait of La Boicaina, and it is only 20’ away by boat!, do you want to come along and visit it?

Isla de Lobos is a small islet of approximately 4.5 km located in the north-west part of the island of Fuerteventura. Its name comes from the fact that the island was in the past inhabited by Mediterranean Monk seals (also know as sea lions).

Efforts are currently being made to reintroduce sea lions in this habitat to try and recover the ecosystem.




The whole island is protected and is part of the Lobos Island Natural Park. It is the home to more than 130 plant species and several bird species, among which are the herring gull, bustard and Cory’s shearwater. The sea floor is a natural underwater reserve and has a great ecological richness.